From the very inception of GIT, Sports is flourishing and excelling in all dimensions be it VTU intercollegiate , national, invitational, state or district local tournaments, GIT continues its rich sports culture and strong background of winning prizes for decades. GIT seeded top in many of the National and VTU state level tournaments. Yogasana, Football, basketball, volleyball, Badminton, Swimming, Cross country, Best physique, and Weight lifting are to name the few. The students get ample opportunities to explore and exhibit their sports skills in almost all games and sports irrespective of results at any level. Sports department staff and coaches give Coaching and training for different sports and games. Through the health and recreation point of view GIT believes in mass participation rather than winning. Yoga, strength training, aerobics facilities will be provided to all under the experts guidance and supervision.

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GIT provide materialistic and financial assistance for all sports and games.  Out standing sports talent is honored rewarded at the annual sports day. Sports equipments of higher standard and quality sports gears are provided generously in GIT. It is one of the best colleges to chase your dreams and hobbies, a keynote to balanced successful quality life.

The year 2015-16 was the remarkable year in the field of achievements of the sports and cultural activities in National, VTU Zonal, Inter-zonal and Single Zone tournaments.

GIT hosted National level sports fest Colosseum’15, VTU Single Zone  Yoga competitions, VTU Belagavi Zone Cricket & Football tournaments and also participated in various discipline of VTU Intercollegiate, invitational and national level tournaments. The details of achievements are as follows:

  • GIT Badminton (men) team and won the Ruuner’s Trophy  in VTU Belagavi  Zone Badminton Tournament organized by KLECET, Belgaum .
  • GIT women badminton team and won 2nd  Runner’s in the VTU Belagavi Zone Badminton Tournament organized by KLECET, Belgaum
  • GIT Chess (men) team has participated  in the VTU Rest of Bengaluru Zone Inter Collegiate Chess Tournament  and  secured 3rd position.
  • GIT Table Tennis (Men) team and won  Winners Trophy in the VTU Belagavi Zone Table Tennis Championship held at JCE, Belagavi
  • GIT women team and won  Runner’s Trophy in the VTU Belagavi Zone Table Tennis Championship held at JCE, Belgaum  Also, GIT Table Tennis (men & Women) team won the 2nd Runner’s Trophy in the VTU Inter Zone Table Tennis tournament held at AIT, Chikkamagalur.
  • Under the captainship of Mr Amit Chougule VII ME, our college GIT Won the Runners up place in the VTU single Zone Inter Collegiate Best Physique competition held at Global Academy Technology, Bengluru

Also, GIT Best physique men team won the Overall championship in the Inter KLS Best physique competition held on 1st March 2016 org. by IMER, Belagavi.

  • GIT Swimming team (men) and participated in the VTU Single Zone Swimming competitions held at BMSCE, Bangalore from 23rd to 24th Sept. 2015.  Our college swimmers bagged 1Silver and 2 bronze medals in the competition.  The details are as follows:
  • GIT Throwball (women) team and Bagged Runner’s Trophy  in the VTU Belagavi Zone Throwball Tournament organized at SGBIT, Belagavi.
  • GIT Athletic (men-women) team to participate in the VTU Single Zone Intercollegiate athletic meet held from 24th to 27th March 2016 at Sir MVIT, Bengaluru.  Mr. Akshay Tarale of II EE secured Gold Medals in 200 & 400 mts Run with Individual Champion, Mr. Annasaheb Patil of IV CV created New meet record in 20km Walk and Ms. Mridula Halagekar secured silver medal in 800 & bronze in 1500 mts run.


    GIT organized Colosseum’15  National Level Sports fest organized by GIT from 13th to 15th Oct. 2015. The Results of the same as mentioned bellow:

  • Basketball (women) : Champion
  • Badminton Doubles (men) : Runners
  • Table Tennis (men) : Champion
  • Basketball (men) : Runners
  • Hockey : Runners

  • We had the honor of hosting the VTU Belagavi Zone Cricket tournament from 17th to 22nd March 2016.        Under the captainship of Mr. Sumant Welling of VIII IP, GIT Cricket team won the VTU Belagavi Zone championship 2016.
  • Also, GIT Cricket team made history by winning the Championship in the VTU Inter Zone Cricket tournament 2016 held at NIEIT, Mysuru.
  • We had the honor of hosting the VTU Belagavi Zone Football tournament held from 9th to 10th April 2016.  Mr.  Dnyanesh  Shinde of VIII CS lead GIT football team and won the Winner’s trophy.
  • Also, GIT football team won the Winner’s trophy in the VTU Inter Zone Football tournament held at SIT Tumkur from 15th to 17th April 2016.
  • GIT (men & women) cross country team participated in the VTU Single Zone Cross country competition held at TTIT,KGF Kolar  from  4th to 6th March 2016.  Mr Annasaheb of IV CV secured 8th place and Ms. Mridula Halgekar of IV IS 7th place in the competition.
  • GIT women Basketball team won the winner’s trophy in the TRINITY’16 Basketball tournament held from 17th to19th th March 2016 organised by KLE University, Belagavi.
  • GIT Basketball Men team won the TRINITY’16 winner’s trophy in the Basketball tournament held from 17th to19th th March 2016 organised by KLE University, Belagavi.
  • GIT (Driver’s) cricket team won the Hat-trick championship in Vighneshwar Staff Cricket Tournament 2016 held at GIT from 1st Jan. to 26th Jan. 2015 Org. by Vighneshwar Sports club, Belagavi.


1 Mr. Annasaheb Patil Cross Country 2015-16
2 Mr. Vijit Nayak Volleyball 2015-16
3 Mr. Somesh Joshi Water Polo 2015-16
4 Mr. Kunal Shintre Water Polo 2015-16
5 Mr. Kaivalya Deshpande Diving 2015-16
6 Ms. Tejaswini Bhujgurav Hockey 2015-16
7 Mr. Niket Halingali Boxing 2015-16
8 Mr. Amit Chougule Best Physique 2015-16
9 Ms. Maitreyee Bailoor Table Tennis 2015-16
10 Ms. Pracheeti Inamdar Yoga 2015-16