Vision Research at GIT aims  to promote quality Research so that the institute will stand as an institute with strong emphasis on research and teaching. Proposed Objectives of Research and Development

  • To enhance the awareness about research and innovation amongst the faculty as well as students through events like workshops, symposia and guest lectures on research methodology , innovation, patents and IPR
  • To encourage faculty member to get involved in R&D activities leading to Ph.D. degree
  • To encourage faculty and students to take up innovative projects at the undergraduate level as well as post graduate level leading to improvement in quality of projects and file patents
  • To encourage/facilitate the faculty as well as students to publish papers in leading journals/ conferences and to improve quality and quantity of publications
  • To create awareness amongst the faculty to make proposals for collaborative research with IITs , NITs, leading universities and R&D organizations as well as Industry and keep the updates of the progress of the same
  • To create awareness and encourage/facilitate faculty as well as students to apply and work on funded research projects sponsored by AICTE, VTU-VGST, DST, ISRO ,DRDO etc. and keep the updates of the progress of the same
  • To participate and represent the college in various research forums and events
  • To encourage/facilitate faculty to organise certificate oriented training programs towards industry needs
  • To encourage/ facilitate the faculty as well as students to work on Industry based live projects
  • To encourage/ facilitate the students for industry internship programs
  • To keep the updates of the activities of Research Centers of various departments and progress of Ph.D research pursued by faculty members

About Research at GIT Technology is an ever growing phenomenon. Gogte Institute of Technology, popularly known as ‘GIT’ focuses not only on imparting technical training to the students but also on research. Research is a voyage of discovery, a movement from known to unknown. Research activities that involve faculty and students help the students to explore the frontiers of Science and Technology and train them to apply the scientific methods to work undertaken. This enables the students to acquire technical and managerial skills, and deliver meaningful service to the society. Research@GIT has dedicated and motivated team of faculty. Research is conducted in collaboration with the industries and academia. Research is carried out in the field of Science, Technology and Management Studies. The programs offered by the institute that lead to research are M.Sc (Research) and Ph.D program. To facilitate the research scholars, dedicated research centers have been established in each department. The management is generous enough in providing the funds required for the development of research centers. The research proposals receive funding from VTU, AICTE, VGST etc.  Research scholars also get the expertise advice from the personalities from the institutes of National repute such as IISc,Bangalore, NAL,Bangalore and many more. A total number of 129  scholars are pursuing research in various departments and a few have already obtained their Ph.D. Faculty and the students are encouraged to publish papers and present their work in National and International conferences. In future, the institute’s focus will on strengthening research centers to promote and monitor the quality of research so that the institute will stand as an institute with strong emphasis on research and teaching.   Overall information of Research Centers at GIT

Sr.No. Research Centre Year of establishment Number of Registered Guides Number of research scholars registered  
1 Civil Engg 2006 4 10  
2 Comp. Sc. Engg 2008 9 27  
3 E & C Engg 2004 6 18  
4 E & E  Engg 2008 3 15  
5 IP Engg 2012 4 15  
6 Mech Engg 2005 12 33  
7 Physics 2009 3 5  
8 Chemistry 2006 4 10  
9 Mathematics 2010 2 13  
10 MBA 2013 1 2  
Total 48 148  

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