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 – At GIT, we don’t just dream, we make it happen!

KLS Gogte Institute of Technology has established an excellent brand equity with the corporate world. Companies recognize that GIT has the best talent which meets industry requirements in the finest way. Our programs are NBA accredited and also the college is one of the very few colleges in Karnataka to have been graded at A+ by NAAC in 2017 grading cycle. The Institute has a very strong industry interaction center and a full-fledged Training and Placement Cell. Aptitude training is outsourced to professionals and is a regular part of curriculum right from the second year. Regular mock interviews, group discussions etc. are conducted to train the students to develop soft skills. Our Past students are placed in blue-chip companies through campus interviews and now some of them are top notch professionals in India and abroad. Many reputed companies visit the institution for campus recruitment.

 Our Esteemed Recruiters

Persistent Amazon KPIT
TCS JMC Infosys
 Wipro Crimsonlogic  Mphasis
Techmahindra MercedesBenz  Globaledge
Informatica Brillio  Subex
 FluorDaniel  Vodafone  Aricent
PathPartner Assystem  Bnymellon
 Eclerx Questglobal  Metroservices
Webonise labs Industower  HP
Dalmia  Bosch  Kirloskar
 Symphonyteleca  OnlineInstruments  Seventhsense
 Face  Asian Paints  Aequs
 PhoenixSea  SankalpSemiconductor  BharatMatrimony
 Continental  Ibm  Alpha9Marine
 Triveniturbines  Questglobal  carwale
 Cipla  Afcons  Peol
 RetailOn  Axis  AmoreBoutique
 Delphi  AllGo  Xoriant
 InsZoom  InTimeTec  Manhattan Associates

The exponential rise in the Industry Acceptability Quotient of our students!

Training & Placement Cell Highlights:    The academic year 2016-17 saw aggressive hiring from top notch companies at KLS Gogte Institute of Technology, Belagavi. A record high of 855 campus placement offers were awarded to students from various branches of both Under Graduate and Post Graduate streams from Engineering, MCA and MBA. KLS GIT has established a very strong brand equity over the years and is a preferred campus hiring destination for top MNC companies.

70 companies visited the campus for hiring season 2016-17 with the prominent ones being TCS, Microsoft, Amazon Web Services, Wipro, Mercedes Benz, Tech Mahindra, MindTree, KPIT, Persistent, Amazon, Quest Global, Brillio, Informatica, MuSigma, Global Edge, 3DPLM, Bosch, Triveni Turbines,  Robosoft, Xoriant, TATA Technologies, Adani, Mphasis, Continental Automotive, Online Instruments, Sankalp Semiconductors, AFCONS, Alpha9Marine, Global Edge, CoreEl, INS Zoom, Trianz, Asian Paints, Airtel, Easi Engineering, AllGo Systems, Intelliment, Kotak Mahindra, Tata Docomo, Vistaar Finance, Metro Finance, Aditya Birla, Compassites, PWC, Adani, Triveni Turbines, Sparkline, Regal Beloit, Telaverge Communications, Cadence, Suzlon, Bajaj Electricals to name a few.

Number of Companies visited (2016-17)     : 70

Highest Salary Offered                                   : Rs. 11 lacs p.a. (Amazon Web Services)

Average Salary Offered                                  : Rs. 4.00 lacs p.a.

Number of Offers:                                            : 855


Professional training in Aptitude, Communication Skills, Interviews, Group Discussions which are the basic skills required for getting campus placement offers was given to the students in association with professional companies and their trainers as a part of curriculum in the college right from the 3rd semester onwards. Companies like Cypress Semiconductors, Odessa Technologies, Principal Global Services, Intecons Software Labs, GE, TVS, Capgemini, Infosys, Accenture, Kratos Engineering, HP have already shown interest for campus placements in the coming hiring season for 2018 batch.

Name Designation Contact
Satish Hukkeri Training & Placement Officer 9845051731
Keshav Gudi Placement Office Associate 9741262044
Umesh Birje Office Assistant 7204347482
Ten Tough Interview Questions and Ten Great Answers The following are some of the most difficult questions you will face in the course of your job interviews. Some questions may seem rather simple on the surface such as “Tell me about yourself” but these questions can have a variety of answers. The more open-ended the question, the wider the variation in the answers. Once you have become practiced in your interviewing skills, you will find that you can use almost any question as a launching pad for a particular topic or compelling story.

1. Tell me about yourself. My background to date has been centered around preparing myself to become the very best I can become. Let me tell you specifically how I have prepared myself . . .

2. Why should I hire you? Because I sincerely believe that I am the best person for the job. I realize that there are many other college students who have the ability to do this job. I also have that ability. But I also bring an additional quality that makes me the very best person for the job, my attitude for excellence. Not just giving lip service to excellence, but putting every part of myself into achieving it. In and I have consistently reached for becoming the very best I can become by doing the following . . .

3. What is your long-range objective? Where do you want to be 10 or 15 years from now? Although it’s certainly difficult to predict things far into the future, I know what direction I want to develop toward. Within five years, I would like to become the very best your company has. In fact, my personal career mission statement is to become a world-class in the industry. I will work toward becoming the expert that others rely upon. And in doing so, I feel I will be fully prepared to take on any greater responsibilities that might be presented in the long term.

4. How has your education prepared you for your career? As you will note on my resume, I have taken not only the required core classes in the field, I have also gone above and beyond. I have taken every class the college has to offer in the field and also completed an independent study project specifically in this area. But it’s not just taking the classes to gain academic knowledge.I have taken each class, both inside and outside of my major, with this profession in mind. So when we are studying in, I’ve viewed it from the perspective of In addition, I’ve always tried to keep a practical view of how the information would apply to my job. Not just theory, but how it would actually apply. My capstone course project in my final semester involved developing a real-world model of, which is very similar to what might be used within your company. Let me tell you more about it . . .

5. Are you a team player? Very much so. In fact, I’ve had opportunities in both athletics and academics to develop my skills as a team player. I was involved in at the intramural level, including leading my team in assists during the past year.I always try to help others achieve their best. In academics, I’ve worked on several team projects, serving as both a member and team leader. I’ve seen the value of working together as a team to achieve a greater goal than any one of us could have achieved individually. As an example . . .

6. Have you ever had a conflict with a boss or professor? How was it resolved? Yes, I have had conflicts in the past. Never major ones, but certainly there have been situations where there was a disagreement that needed to be resolved. I’ve found that when conflict occurs, it’s because of a failure to see both sides of the situation. Therefore, I ask the other person to give me their perspective and at the same time ask that they allow me to fully explain my perspective. At that point, I would work with the person to find out if a compromise could be reached. If not, I would submit to their decision because they are my superior. In the end, you have to be willing to submit yourself to the directives of your superior, whether you’re in full agreement or not. An example of this was when . . .

7. What is your greatest weakness? I would say my greatest weakness has been my lack of proper planning in the past. I would overcommit myself with too many variant tasks, then not be able to fully accomplish each as I would like. However, since I’ve come to recognize that weakness, I’ve taken steps to correct it. For example, I now carry a planning calendar in my pocket so that I can plan all of my appointments and to do items. Here, let me show you how I have this week planned out . . .

8. If I were to ask your professors to describe you, what would they say? I believe they would say I am a very energetic person, that I put my mind to the task at hand and see to it that it’s accomplished. They would say that if they ever had something that needed to be done, I was the person who they could always depend on to see that it was accomplished. They would say that I always took a keen interest in the subjects I was studying and always sought ways to apply the knowledge in real world settings. Am I just guessing that they would say these things? No, in fact, I am quite certain they would say those things because I have with me several letters of recommendation from my professors and those are their very words. Let me show you . . .

9. What qualities do you feel a successful manager should have? The key quality should be leadership, the ability to be the visionary for the people who are working under them. The person who can set the course and direction for subordinates. A manager should also be a positive role model for others to follow. The highest calling of a true leader is inspiring others to reach the highest of their abilities. I’d like to tell you about a person who I consider to be a true leader . . .

10. If you had to live your life over again, what would you change? That’s a good question. I realize that it can be very easy to continually look back and wish that things had been different in the past. But I also realize that things in the past cannot be changed, that only things in the future can be changed. That’s why I continually strive to improve myself each and every day and that’s why I am working hard to continually increase my knowledge in the field. That’s also the reason why I want to become the very best your company has ever had. To make positive change. And all of that is still in the future. So in answer to your question, there isn’t anything in my past that I would change. I look only to the future to make changes in my life. Important:

  • Do not reproduce the answers verbatim.
  • Do not repeat the same answer in each and every company, as this might put you in a tight situation.
  • Research the company well before attending the interview.
  • If possible, try to know the area in which you are expected to work and model your answers accordingly.
  • Give a small pause before you start answering a question and also in between your answers.

This conveys a fact to the interviewers that you are thinking before answering, and not just blurting out the mugged up answers. If this work of mine has really helped you in any way or if you think this is a very useful reference tool, please send me an e-mail. I will be looking forward for all those gratitude mails. BYE. CHEERS!!!!!!!

  • Pre Placement Training:

Pre placement training program was conducted in the institute by experts from various streams. These included Quantitative Technique as well as Aptitude, English, Simulated Group Discussions and Personal Interviews. GIT college has a professional alliance with FACE, Bengaluru for implementation of the Aptitude Training program for the 5th and 6th semesters. The training provided is of high quality and supported with exhaustive course material for reference. Company specific Aptitude training for TCS, Mercedes Benz, Tech Mahindra, Amazon etc. are conducted under Placement Training activities.

  • Career Opportunity:

An MOU is signed with ETC solutions for providing GATE coaching to the pre-final year students with subsidized fees for GIT students. An MOU is signed with TIME institution, Belgaum, for its professional services to provide training to students for the various tests viz., GRE/ TOEFL,  to study abroad.

  • Placement Day 2017:

Placement Day was celebrated at KLS Gogte Institute of Technology with lots of fervor and enthusiasm on 3rd July 2017. The celebrations were graced by the presence of Shri. U.N. Kalkundrikar, Chairman, Governing Council, GIT, Dr. A.S. Deshpande, Principal GIT. Dr. A.S. Deshpande presented the welcome address followed by Prof. Satish Hukkeri, Training and Placement Officer, who presented the highlights of the placement season 2016-17. Shri U.N. Kalkundri presented their views and lauded the record highest performance of the Training & Placement Cell at GIT. Students and some parents too expressed their happiness on the occasion.

Placement Day Celebrations 3rd July, 2017

PlcmntDay1 plcmntDay6
plcmntDay2 plcmntDay4
plcmntDay3 plcmntDay5
Partnership Programs Microsoft Innovation Centre: GIT has been recognized to be a potential PLATINUM Partner which has the following benefits;The placement officer had attended a seminar by Microsoft and based on the further interactions, Microsoft has agreed to look into GIT for their exclusive Innovation Centre.

  • 100 Placements by Microsoft and partner co’s
  • 100 internships
  • Exclusive Microsoft Innovation Centre

IBM Career Education: IBM career education strives to impart 100 % Placement Assured training program of 300 Hrs duration on 5 of the most popular and industry standard tools along-with industry preferred QAI,(USA) certificate. In addition the students of this course will be CERTIFIED on IBM tools and they can mention IBM certified professional on their CV which additionally boosts employability. IBM Centre of Excellence (COE) now tagged to the IBM CE program. IBM will be featuring GIT on their world wide website

RGBSI (U.S.A): RGBSI is a USA based company having more 440 clients worldwide like Dassault, Daimlerchrysler, Boeing, etc. The company has been founded by an IITian who has guided more than 50 Doctorates and have 150+ research papers to his credit.. RGBSI has chosen GIT as a preferential partner in progress and want to hire very highly talented students to be placed in their R and D section.


Microsoft Career Development Program: Microsoft has conducting lots of Academic program for the career development of students from all the streams in India. So understanding it in a very simple and sober manner, Microsoft has conducted Seminar in our college.

IBM Career Education: IBM career education strives to impart 100 % Placement Assured training program of 300 Hrs duration on 5 of the most popular and industry standard tools along-with industry preferred QAI,(USA) certificate. In addition the students of this course will be CERTIFIED on IBM tools and they can mention IBM certified professional on their CV which additionally boosts employability. IBM will be featuring GIT on their world wide website

WIPRO Training Program: Wipro Project Campus for the recruits was organized at our Campus. Total of 10 days training was  held on behalf of Wipro Technologies at the Campus.

XENTO Training Program, Workshop: Xento Technologies (CMM level 05 company based out of Pune) is conducted Training & Technical workshop for two days through their channel partner M/s Wisdom modulation Pvt. Ltd. Bangalore.

Pre-Placement Training Program Pre placement Training- In-house Pre placement training program was conducted. Also training for competitive exams like CAT, GRE etc was held. The results and the outcome has been excellent compared to the training provided by the external agencies. Major advantage of the In house training was having the trainer all the time on the campus till the end of the placement season. Pre placement training on Communication skills, Verbal and other language related subjects was conducted by the Placement Officer. The sessions included Resume writing, acing the interviews, etiquette, dressing sense etc.

FACE Training Program: We have engaged FACE, experts in specific and focused training for TCS, WIPRO, MINDTREE and AMCAT based tests for the Final and Pre Final Year students. This training resulted a VERY HIGH conversion ratio of students. IBM business partners had engaged the students who had participated on project guidelines for the IBM TGMC (The Great Mind Contest) Twice for the benefit of the students.

Life skills training and interaction with eminent personalities SESSION BY Mr. Pradeep Nadgir, Senior Design Engineer, CISCO: (Alumni). Session on 1.Preparation framework for placement season & Art of time management 2.Resources available for study 3.Speaking correct English(Grammar, Verbal training)

Placement related interaction with the corporate sector. Mr. ES Chakravarthy, Centre Head TCS, Bengaluru, visited campus for connecting with students selected at TCS for the year 2015-16. Mr. Nitant Joshi, Campus Head, Persistent visited the campus for interaction with final year students. NIKET KARAJAGI, Founder of Atyaasaa.com, Alumnus of GIT, Life Skills Coach, Certified NLP Trainer, USA and Executive Coach to the companies like GE, Tata Motors visited our campus & addressed our students. Mr. Patrick D. Senior Manager SAAB, Sweden visited college through placement cell. Regional Manager IBM academic initiative Mr. Somanath Kalas visited the Placement Cell for IBM academic initiative. Mr. Kevin F, Regional Manager from ETI and QAI(USA) was here to guide on career opportunities. Adormi Technologies has conducted Internship talk for Pre-final Year students of CS, IS, EC, EE & MCA. & given Internship to the Pre-final Year students. Mr. Ajay NagaBhushan, Head Quest Manufacturing was here to enlighten the students about the opportunities in manufacturing sector.

Career Opportunities to Students Samvit School of Infrastructure Management- Pune Prof. Arun Mudabidri, Ex Director, Symbiosis, Pune was here at GIT to advise students on the School of Infrastructure to advise them on a MBA- Infrastructure Management and future of them..

GATE Center at GIT We are pleased to announce that we have started in campus GATE Center. Over the past few years, GATE (Graduate Aptitude Test for Engineering) has become literally the golden gate for bright careers and opportunities. GATE serves as a benchmark for normalization of the Undergraduate Engineering Education in the country. In order to extend the benefit to our students GIT has entered into Memorandum of Understanding with EduTecCon Solutions India Pvt. Ltd., an Organization which provides professional training for making successful career. KLS’s Gogte Institute of Technology identified this potential in GATE-ETC after thorough evaluation of all other players in the field and ventured into a Memorandum of Understanding with it and extended the tie up for the current year too. The classes will be conducted by experts from industries who are Alumni of IIT/IISc at our campus under our observation.

Initiatives Taken to Improve Placement

  • Placement Connect sessions for orienting students of 3rd semester onwards
  • Touching base with our esteemed alumni who are top notch professionals all over the globe
  • GIT is adding a good number of NEW companies to its prized list of companies who are recruitment partners.
  • Many startups are in the understanding with the college for internship opportunities.
  • Tapping the potential of small and medium Level companies to supplement the mass recruiter companies
  • Tapping the resources of local companies to hire the Providing the industry relevant interaction with experts on various job opportunities.
  • Exploring newer job verticals like Banking, PSU, Armed Forces..

Industry focused training  GIT believes that the training required for getting placement ready must be imbibed into the fabric of teaching learning process of the institution and must reach the students quite early in their course of professional education. Hence at GIT such training is provided right from the early semesters so that the students are completely focused and oriented towards the goal of getting hired at best of the companies. Internships Provided

  • GE
  • KPIT
  • Quest-Global
  • Mercedes-Benz
  • Airtel
  • Coca-Cola
  • Deloitte
  • Adormi
  • Deshpande Foundation
  • Oust Labs

The Placement Cell Office


The Placement Staff Office

IMG_20160525_144609The Interview Rooms

IMG_20160525_144626The Interview Rooms

IMG_20160525_144727The Meeting/GD Room

IMG_20160525_144702The Waiting Hall

IMG_20160525_144849The Guest Room

IMG_20160525_145101One of our Computer Labs

IMG_20160525_145436The Information Technology Block

IMG_20160525_145642The 500 seater Auditorium

IMG_20160314_155815Our Placement Uniform decked students!

IMG_20160525_145704The Auditorium Main-Stage

Satish Hukkeri, Training & Placement Officer being awarded as ‘Employability Enunciator-2016’ at India International Centre, New Delhi in Oct 2016, by ReThink India, an innitiative instituted by IIT Alumni and supported by MHRD, Government of India.