As per the notification of AICTE dated 01.07.2009, ragging is totally banned in the campus and any one found guilty of ragging is liable to be furnished.


  • Cancellation of admission
  • Suspension from attending classes
  • Suspension / Expulsion from the hostel
  • Rustication from the Institution for period of ragging from 1-4 semesters
  • Expulsion from the Institution and consequent debarring from admission to any other Institution

    For any incident of Ragging please contact

  • Dr. A.S. Deshpande (9449065500)
  • Prof. D.A. Kulkarni (9845486735)
  • Dr. M.S. Patil (9611606975)
  • Prof. Mrs. R.M. Jogdand (9964084413)
  • Prof. Mrs. V.P. Gejji (9844445280)
  • Prof. R.J. Naik (9845960429)
  • Registrar, GIT (9845371554)