Dept. Of Industrial production & Engineering


To impart good training and guidance to the students to equip them with the skills in the field of mechanical sciences with a focus on manufacturing technology, industrial engineering and management, along with developing positive attitude and strong moral values.


To emerge as one of the centre’s of excellence with a blend of training and research in the field of manufacturing technology, industrial engineering and management, to address the needs of industry and society.


Programme educational objectives

1. The graduates will acquire core competency in basic sciences, industrial engineering, manufacturing and management fundamentals necessary to formulate, analyze and solve engineering problems, to comprehend and analyze man-machine integrated system and to pursue advanced studies.

2. The graduates will engage in the activities that demonstrate a desire for undergoing personal and professional growth and self-confidence to adapt to rapid and major changes.

3. The graduates will maintain high professionalism and ethical standards, effective oral and written communication skills, work as part of teams on multidisciplinary projects under diverse professional environments, and relate engineering issues to the society, global economy and to emerging technologies.


Objectives & goals

  1. To continuously upgrade the infrastructure facility to keep pace with developments in industries.
  2. To achieve and maintain academic excellence by using the infrastructure facilities
  3. To modernize the existing laboratory facility in the field of manufacturing and industrial engineering.
  4. To encourage the faculty in acquiring higher qualification and actively involving in research and consultancy work
  5. To help the students in developing their personality through programmes like seminars, debates, sports, quizzes and cultural activities etc.
  6. To develop application oriented knowledge and approach in learning through institute-industry interaction for mutual benefit.


Brief history of department

Industrial & Production Engg. Course is an off shoot of Mechanical Engg., & was started at Gogte Institute of Technology, Belgaum in the year 1984 to meet growing demand of industries for personnel specialized in the fields of production, industrial engineering and management. The department has earned  a reputation for excellent academic activity among the institutes offering similar course.

The course content of this branch has been planned systematically, covering the basics as well as advanced topics in manufacturing technology, industrial engineering and management, the latest in cad/cam, robotics and computer applications. The curriculum has been specifically planned to suit the industries as well as business organizations.

The department offers Bachelors degree (B.E) in Industrial & Production Engg. and masters degree (M.Tech.) In production management. A glance through the alumni indicates that, most of them are either well placed in reputed firms or qualified for higher education in reputed institutions in India as well as abroad.

The specialty of this department is that, all  the faculty members are master degree holders from reputed institutes with many years of teaching experience. Some of them have spent a few years in the industry which gives a broader and realistic perspective in teaching-learning process. The department is well equipped with modern facilities necessary to give training in specialized fields. The department has received 33.50 lakhs of rupees grant from UGC and AICTE for modernization and development so far. Many of our student projects are sponsored by KSCST and bagged awards also. Almost fifty percent of the student projects are industry related, sponsored or recommended by the industries.

The B.E programme of the department has been accreditated by national board of accreditation, AICTE, New Delhi twice. The staff of the department played an important role in the organization of the silver jubilee celebrations held recently.


Message from head of the department

Industrial & production engineering is a branch which is regarded as an offshoot of mechanical engineering. The course structure lays emphasis on study of management & industrial engineering concepts in addition to the core concepts of mechanical engineering. Four labs dealing with computer related subjects are also included in the curriculum. The department has very experienced & competent faculty ably supported by the non-teaching staff. The department has well equipped laboratories & the infrastructure to conduct the regular academic activities. A highlight of the department is the informal atmosphere maintained, which enables the students to interact freely with the faculty. Most of the students of the department find employment in mechanical engineering industries & it sector. The course content is such that the graduates from this branch find it easy to pursue management education. A key feature is that, quite a few of the local industrialists graduated from the department.




Professor & Head


Courses Offered

Bachelor of Engineering [ Industrial & Production Engg. ]

M.Tech [Production Management]

M.Sc. Engg. [ Research ] and Ph.D.


Infrastructure And Facilities

  • Metrology lab
  • Coordinate Measuring Machine Lab
  • Basic Work Shop
  • Forging, Foundry & Sand Testing
  • Machine Shop
  • Industrial Engineering Lab
  • Material Science Lab