GIT Team comprising of six students namely Aisha Mohammed Farooq Darga, Chandrala Vaze, Aditi Gargoti, Afshan Shaikh, Jasmeet Kaur Kohli and Kartik Kumar Choudhary from 6th semester computer science branch has been short listed for 2nd round of Canada India Acceleration Program for Women Entrepreneurship. The 2nd round is to be held at Delhi on 25th and 26th June 2018 and 55 teams across India will participate. Top 10 teams will get an opportunity to attend two weeks mentorship program at Carleton University, Canada. Prof. Gajendra Deshpande and Prof. Rahul Kulkarni are mentoring the students for the program.

The  Canada-India  Acceleration  Program  (CIAP)  is  formulated  as  part  of  MoU  signed  between AICTE  and  Carleton  University  to  support  and  promote  international  collaborations  between  India  and  Canada,  while  designing  collaborative  programmes  in  the  area  of  start-up  and  innovation development in technical institutes and higher education in India.

In  all,  50  Canadian  and  50  Indian  women  tech  start-ups  will  be  supported  over  the  next  five  years.  The  first  cohort  of  10  women  led  tech  start-ups  from  India  will  visit  to  Carleton  University,  Canada  during  the  month  of  August  2018.  The  selection  of  suitable  tech  start-ups  representing  2nd tier  and  3rd  tier  cities  of  India  from  AICTE’s  network  of  more  than  10000  technical  institutions  will  be  made.  Through  this  acceleration  program,  start-up  ecosystem exposure visits and meetings with Canadian  ecosystem enablers will be facilitated to give startups  an opportunity to  explore innovative and emerging market opportunities in Canada  while  accessing  the  acceleration  facilities  at  Canada  India  Centre  of  Excellence  (CICE)  at  Carleton  University. Similarly, the first cohort of 10 Canadian start-ups is expected to visit India during the end of the year.

To support this program, Carleton University, in partnership with other Canadian stakeholders has committed a fund of C$850,000 (~Rs. 4.25 Crore). Similarly,  in  response to a call by AICTE to  major  start-up  ecosystem  enablers  in  India  to  join  and  support  such  international Start-up Exchange  initiatives,  willingness  has  been  ascertained  from  national  agencies  such  as  Atal Innovation Mission  (AIM)  of NITI  Aayog, National Research Development Corporation (NRDC), Department of Biotechnology (DBT)  and  commitment from  lead incubators of country such as KIIT TBI, LEAF – GLS University Incubator, NRI Start-up India to support in large scale.

AICTE  and  Carleton  University  are  confident  that  this  program  carries  great  significance  for  both  India  and  Canada  and  this  engagement  will  go  a  long  way  in  creating  new  avenues  of  growth, better collaboration and help develop strong entrepreneurial culture in India and help  creating jobs for the youth.