Workshops and Events


  • Project Poster Exhibition was conducted on 12 April 2017 for the students of 4th semester. Projects on Databases, Operating Systems and web technologies were demonstrated
  • Mr.Shailendra Watave, Partner and CEO Watave Software Solutions LLP delivered a talk on “Internship and Project Selection” for 6th sem students held on 17th March 2017.
  • Dr.A.B.Kalkundri delivered a talk on “ Professional Ethics” for 4th sem students held on 20th Feb 2017.
  • One day workshop on “CodeIgniter MVC PHP framework” was organized on 28th October 2016.
  • Two day workshop on “ Python Programming”  was organized  on 22nd October and 5th November 2016 for Vth Sem Students.
  • One day workshop on “Android App Development” was organized on 3rd Nov 2016  for CSE Faculty.
  • One day workshop on “Internet of Things” was organized on 28th November 2016 for M.Tech students.
  • Three day workshop was conducted on “ Big data management and Analysis” for faculty of CSE/ISE from 04/02/16 to 06/02/16.
  • A one day seminar was conducted on “Bio-Inspired Techniques & Cloud Computing” held on 12th March 2016.
  • One day workshop on “ Python Programming” for faculty of CSE/ISE/MCA on 23/03/16.
  • Two day workshop on “node.js and” for faculty of CSE/ISE from 19/03/16 to 20/03/16.
  • Two days workshop on “BIG DATA and Hadoop” was held on 23rd and 24th Apr 2016 for Sixth sem. CSE and ISE students.
  • A One Day Workshop on “Big Data”   for M.Tech CSE students on 30th of April 2016 at GIT, Belagavi .
  • A One Day workshop on “Python Programming” held on 30th April 2016  at GIT, Belagavi .
  • A Two-day workshop on “Data Warehousing” conducted on 25th and 26th Nov 2013.
  • One day workshop on Embedded Computing Systems conducted by Dr. Amit Patil , Spandan softwares Ltd Belgaum

 Conferences Conducted

  • National Conference on Innovative Developments & Emerging research Avenues in Software Technologies (IDEAS -13) on 11th October 2013.