Events Conducted in the department –

  1. ISE Department project in ‘GIT- Project Exhibition’ 24.05.2017
  2. ISEA Valedictory & Graduation Ceremony for 2017 batch
  3. classroom sessions from industry experts conducted 
  4. 2-days workshop on Cloud computing
  5. ISEA cultural and sports activities.
  6. ISEA Inaugural ceremony
  7. Computer Programming & data structures in C.
  8. Computer Hardware and maintenance.
  9. ACM Student Chapter One Day Python Programming Workshop.
  10. One day Workshop on “Ruby on Rails” by Swapneel Patnekar, Eth1 Networks, Bgm.
  11. A three day workshop on Macromedia Flash.
  12. A two day workshop on LaTex a report writing tool.
  13. Three day workshop on NetBeans 6.0
  14. Two day workshop on Blog Designing.
  15. A one day workshop on Device Driver Programming.