SPACETALK BY AR. KETAK NACHINOLKAR ,Conservation Architect, Goa ON 23-02-2018
















































































Workshop on Dramatics was held for 2nd semester students as part of Art studio subject on 17th April 2017.

Resource person was Dr. Sandhya Deshpande, Head of department of Marathi, at R.P.D. College, Belagavi. The workshop had two sessions, the morning session had her presentation and the afternoon session was practical presentation.

Dr. Sandhya Deshpande gave an elaborate explanation of history of Indian theatre and Western theatre, different sizes of theatres, types of theatres etc.

The practical session included various acts like badbad geet, Marathi version of Hamlet, various expressions using body parts etc. by her students.

Second Semester students were divided into five groups, each group was given a storyline and they had to present the play in the afternoon session.

The students made use of various props like masks, face-painting, sketches, music, costumes etc. and presented the play.

Workshop on Dramatics made the students aware about many things like use of imagination, decision-making, problem solving skills, power of creative self -expression, developing rapport and also use of the given space (stage) for creating different situations required in the play.

























































2 days  Workshop on “Paper Art” 













































Space Talk-  A lecture  by Ar. Kapil B Sinai Surlakar ,Goa  on 22nd  Feb  2017












































Space Talk-  A lecture  by Ar. Sathya Prakash Varanashi ,Bangalore   on 26 TH AUGUST   2016


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Space Talk by  Manthan Architect’s From Kolhapur held on 9th March 2016 By Ar.Sachin.Patil and Ar.Sheetal.Pat

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Space Talk by Studio13 from Goa held on 5th March 2016 By Ar.Pushkar.Karakat and Ar.Snehal.Hannurkar. IMG_4543 IMG_4537 IMG_4536 IMG_4533 IMG_4513


Space Talk by Ar.Pratap.Patil held on 5th February 2016. IMG_5266 IMG_5823 IMG_5824 space talk by Ar.Pratap Patil IMG_5835 IMG_5838 IMG_5840 IMG_5843 IMG_5852 INCIPIO-2015 The event ‘INCIPIO’ -NASA day was celebrated in the department with great fanfare and enthusiasm from students and staff. The event was held on 3rd October in the department which included nor of events like dance, debates, product design exhibition, fashion show, etc. Highlight of the day was installation art, recreating the feel of two cities i.e. Banaras and Jaipur by the 5th sem and 3rd sem students respectively.                                                                                             IMG_9611 IMG_9621 IMG_9635 IMG_9636 IMG_9637 IMG_9638 IMG_9642 IMG_9649 IMG_9659 IMG_9669 IMG_9677 IMG_9678 IMG_9679 IMG_9687 IMG_9688 IMG_9690 IMG_9693 IMG_9717 IMG_9718 IMG_9722 IMG_9723 IMG_9725 IMG_9726 IMG_9727 IMG_9798 IMG_9801 IMG_9804 IMG_9807 IMG_9811

Fresher’s Welcome-2015 Welcome programme was held in the department at the beginning of the semester for the freshers to the Architecture course.  The Parents meet was held as an interactive session between staff and the parents of freshers. Later a week of orientation for freshers was organized to orient them to the field of Architecture. This five day event consisted of various design exercises, sketching exercises, movies and documentaries on renowned architects and their works etc

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Photography Exhibition at the Department on 11th and 12th August 2015 Photography exhibition was held at the department on 11th and 12th August as part of departmental exhibition for UGC committee. IMG_6957 IMG_6992 IMG_7002 IMG_7005 Varanasi-Kolkata : Journey Varanasi-Kolkata : Journey Varanasi-Kolkata : Journey Varanasi-Kolkata : Journey Varanasi-Kolkata : Journey Varanasi-Kolkata : Journey Varanasi-Kolkata : Journey Varanasi-Kolkata : Journey Varanasi-Kolkata : Journey Varanasi-Kolkata : Journey

Department Inspection by UGC committee, 11th and 12th of August 2015 As part of process of granting autonomy, committee appointed by UGC visited our college and inspected the  various departments and common facilities. As part of the event, an exhibition was organized in our department for the committee’s visit. IMG_6956 IMG_6969 IMG_7029 IMG_7042 IMG_7044 IMG_7065 IMG_7066 IMG_7067 IMG_7070 IMG_7076 IMG_7080 IMG_7082 IMG_7091

Board of Studies (BOS) Meeting , 2015 The BOS meeting for Autonomy was held on 26th June 2015. The BOS chairman and HOD, Architecture conducted the meeting. Internal and External members of BOS were present during the meeting where matters regarding the new syllabus for the  academic year 2015-16  were discussed and suggestions were incorporated in the newly framed syllabus. IMG_20150626_110719061_HDR IMG_20150626_110758511 IMG_20150626_110812356_HDR IMG_20150626_112010468_HDR IMG_20150626_120211828 IMG_20150626_120247822_HDR IMG_20150626_170300246 IMG_20150626_170337612_HDR Lecture Series Every semester, a Guest Lecture  series titled ‘Space Talk’ by eminent architects, designers and other professionals concerned with architectural field is organized to expose students to new trends and influences in the field of Architecture. Guest Lecture by Eminent Artist Jinan Eminent thinker and Artist Mr. Jinan KB visited our department on 5th December 2014 with his two other colleges. Students and Staff interacted on the current issues in Basic Design teaching and retaining conceptuality in design pedagogy. 1 2 Space Talk-2014 On 5th September 2014, Ar.Bijoy Ramachandran of Hundred Hands, Bangalore as a part of Space Talk series, presented his works, highlighting the details and concepts. Projects like the ones for Center of Hope, 5 star hotel for Alila group at Bangalore, VDB Cardinal etc were presented. Also Ar Bijoy screened the film on The renowned Indian Architect B.V.Doshi which mesmerized the audience. The film is  produced by the ArBijoy in collaboration with his brother which aptly captures and showcases the enigmatic personality of ArB.V.doshi.  ArBijoy Also visited the department premises especially  ‘Aura’-the Art space and The ‘Spandan’ – exhibit of NASA work of the students of Architecture department. posterR1 4 1   2 3 (3) 3 5 IMG_2385 Space Talk-2013 On 14th August 2013 Ar. Mithila Manolkar and Ar. Puneeth Hegde, alumni of Department of Architecture presented their works. Ar. Mithila Manolkar , has completed her masters from CEPT, Ahmedabad. She presented her M.Arch Urban Design Thesis titled ” Establishing a close relationship between the dexterity driven communities and the lost public realm” a detailed analytical and research work on slums of Dharavi , Mumbai. She also presented her award winning competition entries to IAAH titled” Revisiting Kohima, Nagaland: Exploring a small hill town urbanity to develop a sustainable urban community. and LA Journal Competition titled “Wrapped around :Landscape and Memory.” Ar Puneeth Hegde, has completed his masters in Design from IIT, Bombay . He delivered a talk on topic” Interaction Design”. His talk involved various aspects of Interaction Design like introduction to interaction design, role of interaction design, branches of interaction design . He elaborated process of  Interaction Design in detail and its various aspects like Contextual enquiry, Work models, User Research Analysis, Affinity mapping, Affinity Diagram, Contextual Design, Human computer Interaction etc., Post design analysis, User testing and usability evaluation . He concluded with presenting projects based on these principles. Both the lectures were informative, inspiring and encouraging students to look at new frontiers of Architecture.   Space Talk-2012 On 8th september 2012, Ar Deepak Guggari from Pune, as a part of Space Talk series , presented his residential projects , highlighting the details and concepts. The grid house, Joshi House, Patil House and Nirzar Residence left us mesmerised. The presentation, images, photography , the music and the theory of his design was followed by a highly interactive session between him and the students. Ar Deepak Guggari released the Departmental Magazine “Oculus -04″. In the department he also inaugurated the 5th sem study tour panel. A presentation by Ar. Shailendra Arbole was arranged on 18th February 2012 as part of the Space Talk series. He presented by him were wide ranging from residential buildings to institutional buildings to corporate set up, etc. Some of the award winning projects like “Canteen Building for Bangalore Baptist Hospital, residential building for Dr. Alexander Thomas, his own residence at Bangalore was also presented by him. Many of his projects have been featured in well known architectural magazines like Design Today, Architecture + Design and others. Space Talk-2011 On 8th Oct 2011Ar. Sanjay Mohe  ,Bangalore presented his concepts , ideas and works. He compared his conceptual ideas to his works explained the process involved in achieving these. This was followed by intense interaction session. Ar. Vinay Iyengar, alumni of department and presently working with Mindscape was also present. Staff & students from colleges of neighbouring cities, Alumni and practising Architects from Belgaum, Hubli, Bijapur, Bangalore saw the presentation and interacted with Ar.Sanjay Mohe. On 4th March 2011, ArJaisim presented his works with elaborate explanation followed by interaction with students. The date 17th May 2010 can be written in golden words in the history of department of Architecture at GIT. Many things converged to mark it memorable day. The high points were

  • Ar. Prem Chandavarkar’s presentation ,
  • Inauguration or permanent exhibition space” Spandan” and art space “Aura”,
  • Release of magazine “Oculus V2”,
  • Release of dept web site “ www.archispecta.com”.

Ar. Prem Chandavarkar inaugurating “Spandan” and “Aura” Eminent architects like Praveen Bavdekar, Belgaum,  Ar.Amit Prasadi, Kolhapur,  Ar.  Kartik Acharya, Helsinki, Austria, ArKanvarjitNagi from Goa, Ar Rahul Paul, Bangalore, have presented their works recently. 2.Workshops: Two Day Workshop on Solar Architecture A two day workshop on Solar Architecture of Belgaum was conducted at the Department by Ar. Mukund Datye of Nasik on 6th and 7th Nov 14 .  It included 8 sessions elaborating on how architecture should be responsive to the climate of the region. One day workshop on Structures in Architecture by eminent Bangalore based Architect Engineer Ar.Bharath Gowda was organised on 30th July 2014. 1 2 3 4 5 6 Awareness Programme on Pottery An Entrepreneurs awareness programme on pottery industry was conducted by Central Village Pottery Institute of Khanapur belonging to Khadi Village Industries Commission at the Department on 25th August 2014. Soap Carving Workshop Soap carving working was organized for III sem Students of both A & B Division. Students craved soaps to make different forms. One day workshop-Ballpoint art work Department of Architecture of KLS Gogte Institute of Technology hosted a one day workshop by eminent artist Shri Shirish Deshpande on 24th Feb 2012. Simultaneously an Exhibition of his ballpoint pen artworks was also put up at  the Department. The event started by inauguration of the exhibition by Prof Arun V Huilgol, a senior architect and academician from Hubli.  It followed by lighting of the lamp by Shri Shirish Deshpande, Prof Arun V. Huilgol, Head of the Department Prof Nishita R Tadkodkar and other dignitaries. Shri  Deshpande introduced the technique of ball point pen paintings to the students and staff and demonstrated the same by making a small painting to the audience. This followed by the workshop in which students took part enthusiastically and created wonderful artworks by the end of the day. The exhibition is kept open to people for two days. The exhibition received a very good response. Shri Shirish Deshpande is a very famous ball point pen artist and is currently ranked 9th in top 100 ball point pen artists in the world. He has worked in a number of fields such as communication design, Graphic design, Software use interface, Digital photography, etc. before discovering his passion for ball point pen renderings in 2008. His paintings are in numerous collections in India, UK, Germany, Australia and USA.