Computer Center (CC) the neural system of Gogte Institute of Technology provides 24×7 and 365 days a year uninterrupted computing and network infrastructure along with Internet, EmailWeb, DNS,FTP, CCTV, FeedBack, LDAP, Antivirus, Biometric Attendance to all the stakeholders of the institute. CC also provides various advanced and special purpose software like RoboVidya for all the campus users.

The center was established with the objective of providing   computational environment for the academic and research community of the institute. The Centre offers training and consultancy apart from being a support service for the Office, faculty, students and staff.


Computer Centre was established in September, 2000 with the following objectives:

  • Provide a central computing facility with Network infrastructure for all the students, faculty members and staff of the institute.
  • Collect, analyze the computing requirements of the departments and design, procure, deploy and maintain the solutions.
  • Assist faculty and research scholars of the institute.
  • Assist various departments in the institute in computerizing their activities.
  • Conduct Short term Courses for the students and staff of the institute.
  • Coordinate, Maintain and administer Campus-wide Network including Internet and allied Services.
  • Assist sister institutions of Karnataka Law Society in implementing computing and network infrastructure.

Computer Centre caters to the computing needs of the faculty, staff and students for their research and teaching. It has a user-base of more than 4000+ users with more than 2000 active users at any given point of time.

Computer Centre has a number of state of the art servers, high end Linux and Windows Laboratories and application software.

Computer Centre supports an institute wide fiber optic network (e-GITNET) that connects all the academic departments, hostels, library and other central facilities to the Computer Centre. Internet access is provided through a 10Mbps dedicated Internet link along with 40 Mbps Broadband connections.

All the laboratories are on Gigabit Network and connected to server room with Fiber Optic Network.

Computer Centre operates 24 hours a day, 365 days an year. It has a power back up of 368 KVA UPS for computers and backed up by a  500 KVA generator for the whole CC Building. All the Laboratories are fully Air condition with Diakin Centralized Air Conditioning System.

  • Computer Centre runs a DHCP server for academic area network. You need not set a specific IP address for your machine, and configure it to get the IP address automatically. (DHCP will also set other parameters like gateway, subnet mask, etc. automatically.)
  • Computer Centre has installed WLAN on 802.11b/g to allow accessing the computing resources (Local Area Network and Internet) through the Wireless communication. WLAN employs mobile network access through the Wireless Access Points. Campus is covered with Wireless facility.
  • Email facility is provided to all the faculty and staff members. Students may also avail of the facility by making a written request. The email address of the user is @git.edu.
  • Computer Center has Student Services Cell that provides services like scanning, laser printing etc. At a very nominal price.
  • Computer Center has Maintenance Cell that attends to the in-house trouble tickets generated by various departments of GIT.  The maintenance cell is also responsible for ensuring the overall health of the campus network.
Name Designation Contact
Dr. Shrirang A Kulkarni Head, Computer Center 0831-2405500
Venkatesh Patil System Analyst 9743687457
Pranesh Katii Network Administrator 9886286891
Shridhar Latkar Foreman 9480539042
Upendra Joshi Foreman 9481560271
Shekhar Katamble Foreman 9481655558
Sanjay Alagwadi Foreman 9480327685
Shrijnivas Kulkarni Instructor 9886766875
Peter Santamaria Instructor 9880800829
Basavaraj Chougula Instructor 9902742045
Mahesh Moogbasav Instructor 9448597979
Vaishnavi Mathad Instructor 8970280125
Shivappa Ullagaddi Instructor 8095869524
Rajendra Deshpande Assistant Instructor 9740868713
Vinayak Simu Assistant Instructor 9972454799
S. Madalgi Assistant Instructor 9916559856
Mukund. Kulkarni Assistant Instructor 9980428738
Shridevi Savadi Assistant Instructor 8892215345
Nagaraj Pattar Assistant Instructor 9663339514
Prabhakar Lakkundi Assistant Instructor 9591317267
Sundhara Dharangutti Assistant Instructor 8951436221
Manisha Mokashi Assistant Instructor 9902071070
Ravi Kulkarni Assistant Instructor 9739242050
Amruta Ghadshi Assistant Instructor 9844846253
Rajesh Shrikhande Assistant Instructor 8147404922
Deepa Soundalgekar Assistant Instructor 9740385603
Rajendra Sakhalkar Assistant Instructor 9901981860
S Kalyani Mechanic 9980384530
S Gaikwad Mechanic 9740392512
Ashok Nandgadkar Mechanic 9739243351
Mahadev Davatar Mechanic 9632460241
Vivek Nadpurohit Mechanic 9900673229
Ashwin Karekar Mechanic 9741585877
Shrinivas Mahajan Mechanic 9972945344
Anand Kulkarni Mechanic 8762516801
Ganesh Lokur Mechanic 7829616618
Praveen Parmaj Mechanic 9986044108
Anmol Balikai Mechanic 9900332500
Deepak Pingat Mechanic 8867993853
Santosh Yellurkar Peon 7411510272
Vidya Katti Peon 8722464256

Legal Software Details

Computer Center has a vast collection of legal software that caters to computing and software needs of various engineering disciplines such as Computer Science, Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Architecture, Business Applications etc. The following is the list of different software available with Computer Center.

  • Microsoft Campus Agreement
  • MSDN Academic Alliance License
  • Linux Freeware
  • Applications on Windows Platform
  • Applications on Linux Platform
  • Database Packages
  • CAD / CAM Packages
  • Programming Languages
  • Antivirus and General Tools

After identifying core requirements in computing infrastructure and engineering discipline-specific laboratory prerequisites, the institute has established different computer laboratories. There are totally 12 well-equipped Air-conditioned labs, according to expertise areas which supports the following applications

  • Linux Applications.
  • Windows Applications.
  • Programming and Applications with Online Computer Based Training Facility
  • CAD/M Applications.
  • DOS Based Applications.
  • VLSI and Design Applications.
  • Network Applications.
  • Database Applications.
  • Macintosh Applications.
  • Business Applications.

Gogte Institute of Technology’s 28+ acre lush green campus has a robust network of 1000+ nodes on a fiber optic backbone and extends LAN connectivity to every corner of the campus. The campus network infrastructure, e-GITNET performs the mammoth task of supporting 3800+ users including students, faculty members, and other supporting staff.

The network has been upgraded in various phases over the previous years and the network expansion still continues.

e-GITNET is an autonomous network under the management of Computer Center. While the network is managed Computer Center, it is used by different departments in the campus. The campus network provides an access path into the Internet through 10 Mbps dedicated leased line connectivity along with 40 Mbps Broadband connection.

Individual networks within buildings are typically connected to e-GITNET via routers. Hierarchical topologies using high-performance switches are used. The following diagram shows the e-GITNET campus network distribution.

Computer Centre provides facilities to support and enhance the educational mission of the institute; for enriching the educational experience of the students, faculty and the staff and supporting their research and academic activities; and for providing automation support to the institute. This facility is needed for your day to day research activities as well as courses and assignments.

Certain guidelines that should be followed in the use of the computer centre and its facilities have been formulated. The compliance with the guidelines and the do’s and the don’ts are necessary for the continued use of your freedom. Not only should users stick to the use of the facility in accordance with the guidelines, but also report any use that is against these guide lines or the spirit of these guidelines. Failure to report infractions of the guide lines shall also be construed as an act of omission in following the guidelines.

Following activities amount to unethical use of computing facilities and will attract punishment from the Institute authorities. You should read the following document listing the activities that amount to unethical use of computing facilities and avoid the practice of these in adherence with the established policies.

Click here to view the policy document.

Click here to view Do’s and Don’ts of your PC security.

Click here to view Policy on e-GITNET Local Area Network.

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