The driving force to promote global education and international collaborations.

Objectives of the Centre for Foreign studies

  • Guide and promote further education for the students to foreign universities of international repute.
  • Promote faculty exchange program.
  • Undertake training assignments in the colleges and universities in India and abroad.
  • Train the students in international travel procedures, etiquette and customs.
  • Collaborate with foreign universities and institutes for higher studies and certification courses.
  • Conduct tutorials in foreign languages.
  • To organize international alumni meet.
  • To generate and attract international funds to develop technical education and research in GIT and India.

Training Programs that are currently conducted by CFS

For Corporate & Students
Presentation skills, E-administration, E-management, Stress management, Time management, Yoga, Communication skills, Outbound training programs, Transactional analysis, Training need identification, management games for team building, attitude, psychometric tests, executive etiquette, body language, HR Audit, HR Account in, Developing training modules, motivation, fear, self conciousness, & to understand other personality traits, &Dining etiquette.

Specially for students

  • Guidance for GRE, GMAT, TOEFL, Mock interview, Group discussions, Stress interview, aptitude tests, psychometric tests, Language Laboratory
  • German Language Classes
  • French Language Classes
  • American English Accent Class
  • The CFS has turnkey basis training programs for various colleges on annual basis.


Prof. Nupur Veshne – Co-ordinator – Centre For Foreign Studies | e-mail